20 tháng 1, 2012


Vật liệu : Lá tràm, lá buông, lá thốt lốt, lục bình, lá, hoa và xác bướm khô....
The painting handmade from : husk of cajuput, husk of Corypha elata Roxb, leaf of palm tree, water hyacinth, leafs, flowers and butterfly... dried..

Size 1,20m x 0,80m


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  1. Sensacional!!!
    Querida as suas telas ficarão deslumbrantes.
    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho.
    Tenha um fim de semana abençoado.
    Beijinho no coração.

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  2. All your creations are so beautiful and thanks again for being on my blog and ...this music is just amazing!I enjoyed so much dancing with my little doll girl on it !
    We love you.

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  3. thank you very much for your nice comment. it's very nice of you!
    This is true, that the site "directory" is new, since one month and a half, but it starts to grow.
    I am therefore very pleased to welcome your country Vietnam!
    I congratulate you for your wonderful creations, you expose.
    I do not paint, but I appreciate the art!
    I realized to my other blog, descompositions graphs is a blog of poems and thoughts! I invite you to discover
    Maybe I had the opportunity to welcome you
    good day
    Regards from France

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  4. thank you so much my friends, love you so much.

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  5. Beautiful works, colors and designs.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    -Eva Maria

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  6. Beautiful your country, pretty pictures and cute outfit.

    A (kiss) besiño from Galicia.

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    1. thank you so much dear friend, have a nice day to you there

  7. Hey every one
    The content is really good, it seems quite trivial to expect, Really wonderful

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    1. Thank you :) . Have a nice day to you there