8 tháng 6, 2010

My showroom

Unfortunately, My camera are water, so the picture quality was very bad, all the same.

My sister, who is subtle, understanding and beautiful.

We participate in exhibitions at the first days of February 2008 before the days for Welcome Happy New Year of Asian. These are young people, the girls and boys very active, fun and beautiful of me. Thanks to them, all my worries are reduced. Very busy, the exhibition ends - usually 22:30 pm, finish the work we returned at 23:30 pm. They slept li packaging, tired, but the next day they are the flowers beautiful, dynamic, funny and very charming. Usually at peak morning or late from work, people enlist the amenity, photograph ... ...

However, work embroider or dry flower, only to introduce, an embroidered picture may take more than a month, or more than 2 months, should not many paintings here, because this is the showroom, reviews in exhibitions fo me this - galleries is main, Products  another only other product have display as decoration.

For me, every day, sleep only three hours. I have to work continuously, because the jewelry is always sold out within days, although the diagnosis had been before, but I can not think sale quickly. Our exhibition, just beginning to understand the market, jobs and consumer reaction. Maybe next time, we will do better than that, will choose to follow the program with prepare and coordinate closely. Sure.


This is my new photography, 08/May/2011

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